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Houston Mulch Yard 

 Landscaping materials  In Houston, TX

Looking for the best mulch prices near you ? We got you covered .

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Mulch Yard in Houston, Texas

EZ Mulch provides homeowners and professional landscapers with bulk landscape materials. The products we offer include black dyed mulch, red dyed mulch and hard wood mulch (no dye).

Our brilliant eye-catching color of our hardwood colored mulches makes these products some of our most popular. The organic colorant used on this product is highly resistant to UV fading and does not wash out. Sold by the cubic yard, minimum 1 cubic yard. We offer three types of mulch: red mulch, black mulch, and hardwood mulch. Enhance the well-being of trees and plants on your property with a wide variety of all-organic, wood mulch products from EZ Mulch.

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 In addition to protecting your outdoor plants, mulch prevents moisture evaporation and inhibits the growth of weeds. Contact us for a free quote on your mulch needs.

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Red Mulch
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Black Mulch
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Hardwood Mulch

Save Time and Money on Your Dumpster Rental

When on your own, you can easily spend days, if not weeks, hauling trash and unwanted items you over to the local dump. Stop wasting your time! Let EZ Waste, Inc. do the work for you. No travel costs, no disposal fees. We will take it all away in one trip so you can spend your time and money on other things.

  • Reasonable Rates

  • NO Hidden Fees

  • Convenient Scheduling

  • Reliable Service

  • Professional Crew


Find an Affordable Dumpster Rental Service in Houston, TX.

Here at Ez Waste Inc we have a variety of dumpster sizes ranging from a 10 yard dumpster, a 20 yard dumpster, a 30 yard dumpster and a 40 yard dumpster. We will assure you to have the perfect size for your construction jobs, home builders, demolition jobs, or simply just a home spring clean up or remodeling.

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EZ Waste have partner up with major Construction and Builders companies to build Sky rise , Schools, Medical centers on our commercial roll off dumpster rental services Here are some of our partners : Harvey Builders , Vaughn Const, Tellepsen, Mc Carthy Builders, Gt Leach not to mention many others .

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EZ Waste have serviced over a million residential temporary dumpsters over the past decade. Save time and money when you choose EZ Waste for your residential dumpster services. You can count on us when it comes to reliable service, convenient scheduling, and reasonable rates!

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